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Our Terms and Conditions

To our clients:
The quotation is valid for only 30 days from the day we issued it to the client.
All extra jobs that are not quoted for in the first quotation will be charged separately.
It is the responsibility of the client to remove all the valuable properties that are at, on, in or against the place where the job is to be done. We may help to remove the properties only if we are directed to do so by the client.

Methods of Payment:
A 50% of the charged amount paid up front and the rest will be paid when the job has been completed.

Client Supplies:
The client must provide the required materials on time, no delay of said material will be acceptable. 
Access to water to use for hand washing and clean up 
The use of a toilet and a place to put rubbish.
Electricity for lighting and basic hand tools
A toilet

Our responsibility:         
We are to make sure that we do our job up to the specifications of the client.
It's our responsibility to make sure that the site is clean always.
We will make sure that the properties of the client are handled with care.
If we are working within a complex we will abide by the rules and laws of that complex unless the client instructs us otherwise to proceed in contra to the rules of the complex. But in case of this incident, the client will be responsible for any and all the damages should the complex charge us for issues caused by breaking said rules and laws.
All our working force are to be dressed in white work suits and safety shoes.
A safety helmet will be worn if it is necessary especially when we are working with heights, or in a place where falling debris is considered a danger. 

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