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Services We Offer 👇

Amos Construction offers the following services

Services that we provide 👇
*Roof Cleaning and Painting,

*Cleaning of Gutters.

*Paining of Interior Walls, Ceilings, Skirting, Doors, Window Frames Varnishing of Wooden Floors, Doors and Skirting.

Painting of Exterior Walls, Bush Boards, Sofits, Steel-work.

*Painting of Boundary Walls,

*Painting of Face-brick walls,

*Fixing Cracked Walls, Cracked Ceilings as well as Stripping Old Paint and Repainting, 

We do Waterproofing of all types
(1) Touch-on Waterproofing,
(2) Self-membrane Waterproofing, 

(3) Membrane-Free Waterproofing, 
(4) Normal one that uses Membrane, 

We also offer services like;
*Maintenance / Repair of Roof Structures, Damaged Walls, Paving, Skimming, Tiling, Installation of Wooden Floors and all Renovations.

About Us 

A painting contractor who offers good service with fair pricing.
Water Proofing we specialise in.

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